Affiliated to CBSE Vide No - 3630143
Regional Officer Message  

Shri. V.N.N.K.SESHADRI (Regional Officer)  is a renowned person in Telangana heading one of the most prosperous D.A.V INSTITUTIONS.

His main motive is to nurture the talent in the galaxy of achievers in the field of education with tangibility in a propellant way for building a thriving country, propensity towards prosper and to develop morality, immortality, accountability, transparency and integrity in the young minds with a pearl of wisdom towards success. 
His pivot is to expand the potential of young minds, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative, trailblazer and compassionate members of society with the  education which demands both: self-discipline and diligence, as well as emotional balance and well-being. 
There are 10 schools under his guidance with qualified staff  to assist students in a glorious way for the  development of the society in innumerable ways.latest emerging technologies have been introduced in the education system which are very important for addressing the challenges facing humankind and the planet within unprecedented understanding in professional development to the students with endeavor.We are provided with a picture of the  innovations that are shaping our world, especially  Sai Spurthi D A V alive in hearts of coming generation by kneeling provisions for more opportunities to the common man, this school from L.K.G TO 12th standard has beautiful mix of conventionality, speciality, goodness, kindness and carved a niche for future wellbeing,we create a repository of pure integrity, incorruptible devotion among the young minds with renowned and pioneering research with advanced technology to meet the present day needs.
                       He is an exemplary and substantial source of insight for the students and staff of the D.A.V Fraternity.

"With Profound Regards"

V.N.N.K.SESHADRI (Regional Officer)




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Affiliated to CBSE Vide No - 3630143
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