B.GANGARAM(V), SATHUPALLY(MD), KHAMMAM(DT),TELANGANA - 507303. Affiliated to CBSE Vide No - 3630143

Chairman Message  

Shri. D. PRABHAKAR REDDY (Chairman) is a noted Industrialist in Telangana heading one of the most prosperous College SAI SPURTHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Vice-Chairman. He hails from Rudrakshapally, a village located in Sattupally Mandal, Khammam District.  It was his dream to import technical education to the neighborhood of his ancestral village that has seen the emergence of Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology in B.Gangaram Village, Sattupally. The motive of establishing the college here is to impart quality technical education to the rural people and to uplift the economically backward student’s talent to greater levels.

He is a great philanthropist and a true visionary committed to excellence. His noble and pious intention of providing best quality Schooling also with good infrastructure to all the students of Sattupally Mandal and surrounding villages led to the birth of Sai Spurthi D.A.V School on 23rd June 2010. 

His aim is to nurture every student into a noble human being with full of good virtues and moral Values necessary to lead a disciplined and meaningful life and be of productive use to the society and nation as a whole. He constantly advises the staff to put this concept in practice.

Our Chairman takes active interest in the day-to-day smooth running of the School through watchful monitoring of the activities. He periodically visits the School Campus to strengthen the functioning as per his vision & dream. He is a Path Builder and constant source of inspiration for the students and staff of the D.A.V Fraternity.


Dear Students

  • Behave decently, be friendly and feel free in the campus.
  • Speak pleasantly and politely.
  • Participate in the activities conducted by the school.
  • Be positive and sportive in spirits.
  • Read books for enhancing your creatively and confidence.

Dear Parents

  • Listen to your ward. Spare time for his/her queries.
  • Provide them nutritious meals & snacks timely.
  • Take to them frequently, check their bags at times, replace their lost ‘tools’ like scales & compasses timely & do attend PTMS regularly.

Dear Staff

  •  Accommodate the children accordingly basing on their M.I.
  •  Let them feel secured in your vigilance.
  •  Let them express their thoughts freely in discussions or debates in regards with their learning subjects.
  •  Appreciate them in their success. Boost their confidence up when they feel low, work to improve their  confidence.


"With Profound Regards"

Shri. D. PRABHAKAR REDDY (Chairman)

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Affiliated to CBSE Vide No - 3630143

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