B.GANGARAM(V), SATHUPALLY(MD), KHAMMAM(DT),TELANGANA - 507303. Affiliated to CBSE Vide No - 3630143

Principal Message  

We deem it as our privilege in welcoming you to Sai Spurthi DAV School, Sattupally, which is inclusive school, located in a lush green hamlet. This school has paved the way for the people of agricultural sector and children of Sai Spurthi Institute of Technology - Staff with which it is attached. We are pledged to give the best of Modern Education blended with Vedic Values, Life Skills & Value Based Education to all 1250 students nurturing them into well rounded individuals. In this pious mission, well qualified and experienced teachers along with a force of Non Teaching Staff expend their vital energy in the process. The school is poised to send the III - batch of XII students shortly.

The school thrives to retain the flavor of childhood by not falling in to the regular rut of result oriented preparations but by providing an apt learning atmosphere and by shrewd concept based preparation in a scientific approach.

I, the principal of SAI SPURTHI D.A.V SCHOOL, thrive to realize the true kind of education where in a child learns to be original, Creative and emotionally balanced. The real experiential learning is assured and encouraged in every possible opportunity that a student comes across in this very campus.

I, with my Sai Spurthi DAV Family, pray to the Almighty for the bright future of our children.


                                                                          With warmest regards.

                                                                            TANUKU SESHA SAI SREE



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Affiliated to CBSE Vide No - 3630143

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